Dragon Knights of Valeria

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Dragon Knights of Valeria is an MMORPG set in a world full of fantastic and dangerous monsters. Build your reputation, establish your kingdom, raise your army, fight your way through the Battle Towers and challenge other players in the arena.

Earn fame, fortune, and crypto currency as you go (supported cryptos are BTC, LTC, Dogecoin, HYPER, GP, Rubies, MOON and the game's top sponsor, HTML5coin).

Find ingredients as you explore to create potions that will make you even more powerful, put a bounty on someone's head, enter the Hall of Champions, visit the casino, buy maps to towns where you can buy more powerful equipment, or train your character in the University. There are so many possibilities… you can even raise your own dragon!

The game is constantly updated with new and improved features, so don’t delay, become a Dragon Knight of Valeria today!

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